Contreras Martial Arts Academy What is Rank Testing?

What is Rank Testing?

We test 6 times per year (approximately every 8 weeks but some cycles are a little longer due to holidays). If a student comes to class at least 2 times per week, learns the required material, demonstrates the expected personal growth and maturity, and tests consistently, the rank of Level 1 Black Belt can often be achieved within 24 to 30 months. Our program is designed to allow new students to begin throughout the entire 8-week cycle, therefore a student may not be White Belt for an entire cycle.

Rank Testing is the only way to advance in the ranking system. Please keep in mind that the only opportunity for advancement is at the end of the each 8-week cycle and class attendance counts “zero out” at the beginning of every cycle.

Rank Testing is not a right that students have; it is a privilege that must be earned!

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Rank Testing depends upon the following:

  1. Students must have learned the required materials.
  2. Students must achieve the minimum class attendance (2 times per week will meet these minimums with no problem).
  3. Students must show with their attitude and behavior that they are ready to advance.
  4. Junior Students must receive permission from their parents or guardians and their schoolteachers (Kindergarten through 8th Grade).

Stripes Required for Testing (White and Yellow Belts)

  • Green – Performing the Basic Techniques
  • Blue – Performing the appropriate Form
  • Red – Performing the appropriate One-Steps

The stripes received on the white and yellow belts symbolize the physical demonstration of the required techniques for advancement. Once a White or Yellow Belt student has received these 3 stripes, he or she has demonstrated the physical requirements necessary to complete Rank Testing.

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Uniform Requirements
White Belt Students are to wear their Uniform Pants, TKD T-Shirt, and Rank Belt (Students Yellow Belt and above are required to wear their entire Dress Uniform and Rank Belt) to Rank Testing.

Testing Dates, Location, and Times
The location, dates, and times of Rank Testing are posted in the Rank Testing Information Brochure. If anyone has a conflict with their scheduled Rank Testing, please see Grandmaster or Mrs. Contreras ASAP and we will do our best to find a day and time that is convenient.

Rank Testing Registration
In order to register for Rank Testing, please fill out a Rank Testing Registration Form and turn it into the business office with your testing fee. Rank Testing is $65. Any student who needs additional time to pay for testing may make those arrangements when they register but any student who turns in their Rank Testing Registration Form after the Registration Deadline may be charged a $10 late fee.

Awards Ceremony
The location, date, and time of the Award Ceremony are posted in the Rank Testing Information Brochure. This is when students will be awarded their new TKD Rank, their Rank Certificate, and their new Rank Belt. Any student who did not pass Rank Testing will receive an email or phone call to discuss and arrange Re-Testing (students are not charged for Re-Testing). Please do not call or email the school to ask about Rank Testing results, as they are not available before the Award Ceremony.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask Grandmaster Contreras, Mrs. Contreras, Mrs. Davis, or any other member of our Instructor Team.

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